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Celebrate May Day with VOGA

Celebrate may day with voga

Now here we are with May fast approaching - we are zipping through Spring at a phenomenal rate. Summer is putting on flip-flops and shades in preparation for its turn to host. But before we get out our buckets and spades let’s not forget to give a shout out to a month that sometimes gets overlooked, the month of May. Whilst May doesn’t offer powerhouse celebrations such as Christmas or Easter, it does manage to start off wonderfully well. After all any month that begins with a public holiday is one to cherish as far as we’re concerned!

Say Hello to Spring, Inspiration for a Fresh New Season

Say hello to spring, inspiration for a fresh new season

Freshen up, shed your layers and shake off the winter cosiness that has surrounded you like a thick woolly blanket - Spring is here, and as Robin Williams once said “Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!” The season does have a jovial feel, proffering opportunities to throw out the old and embrace all that’s new. Why not extend that energetic Spring-like feeling to your home? Awaken your interiors and welcome this cheery season in.

It's Been A Long Winter.

It's been a long winter.

Winter is known for being the season of dormancy, some plants stop growing (hiding away from the harsh climate), some eject their seeds and simply die. Many animals become dormant too -preferring to hibernate and wait it out in their comfortable dens until better weather comes along. Humans don’t always fare any better! We don’t take to our beds for a few months (although it’s tempting when it’s cold outside and the alarm clock rudely awakens you). However, we do have a tendency to inertia, closing the blinds earlier and seeking solace in box-sets and slow-cooked casseroles.