Beehive Lamp A331

Inspired by Alvar Aalto

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Beehive Lamp A331
The Product The Specs
  • Replica Beehive Pendant Lamp Artek A331
  • Classic design from 1953
  • Evokes the shape of a beehive
  • Available in black or white

Alvar Aalto Beehive Pendant Lamp

Our version of Alvar Aalto's Beehive Pendant Lamp is built faithfully to the original design, evoking the spirit of the gorgeous natural form that was its inspiration. Made from five inter-locking shades, allowing excellent diffusion of light, the Beehive Pendant Lamp is made from a combination of glass and brass, hanging from a central pendant fixture. Its ability to add a warm glow to any space, both large and small make it a fantastic centrepiece to a stylish dining room, or even a cool Modernist lounge.

The story behind the Alvar Aalto Beehive Pendant Lamp

It's easy to see in many of Alvar Aalto's designs, particularly the Beehive Pendant Lamp, the influence that he would come to have on some of the most pre-eminent designers of the 1950s and 60s, especially Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen. His desire to bring the natural form indoors became known as a form of 'Humanist Modernism', with his cocktail of nature, architecture and design coming together to provide beautiful, functional design for his customers. He is seen by many as the successor to Poul Henningsen as the master of Modernist lighting architects. Among others, his succesful designs also include the A330S Golden Bell Pendant Lamp.

  • Width: 41 cm
  • Height: 44 cm
  • Depth: 41 cm
  • Packaging: 52cm x 52cm x 52cm
  • Packaging weight: 8 kg
  • Boxes: 1
Alvar Aalto

About The Designer:

Alvar Aalto

Beehive Lamp A331
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1898-1976 (Finland)

Alvar Aalto is one of the world’s greatest modern architects and is known as the father of modernism in Finnish design. With a preference for natural materials, his creations are a fusion of romanticism and functionalism. His work includes architecture, furniture, lighting, textiles and glassware. No other Finnish architect or designer has ever achieved Aalto’s success. He became such an influential figure that his country’s national airline, Finnair would even delay take-off if he was late for a flight. Alvar Aalto studied at the Helsinki University of Technology, taking time out to serve in the Finnish War of Liberation, before graduating in 1921. Just two years later he opened his first architectural office. He quickly established himself a world-class architect, winning global commissions and awards. These included gold medals from the Royal Institute of British Architects and American Institute of Architecture. American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright described Aalto's design for the Finnish Pavilion at the 1939 New York World Fair as a "work of genius". Driven by a desire to make homes more beautiful, Aalto began designing furniture and accessories as a natural extension of his architectural style. He often drew influences from nature and favoured free-form organic shapes. He is renowned for his mastery of natural light, his most iconic lighting piece being the Beehive Pendant Lamp.

“The ultimate goal of the architect is to create a paradise. Every house, every product of architecture should be a fruit of our endeavour to build an earthly paradise for people.”

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