Grasshopper Table Lamp

Inspired by Greta Grossman

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Grasshopper Table Lamp
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Greta Grossman Grasshopper Table Lamp

Greta Grossman's lighting designs from the 1940s remain some of the most desirable pieces of modernist design. The Grasshopper lamp series, and this table version particularly, contain everything which made Grossman an icon. The conical shade provides an even muted light, but its marvelous ball-joint also allows for that light to be directed accurately.The functional construction of our reproduction exactly matches Grossman's specifications. So, that means hard-wearing carbon steel, exact angles and lovingly recreated colours. Simplicity and precision are the key to the continued popularity of this design, and our version is the perfect way to give an office or workspace some modern style.

The story behind the Greta Grossman Grasshopper Table Lamp

Greta Grossman's Grasshopper Table Lamp elegantly blends her dual backgrounds in Swedish Modernism and the design tradiitons of her adopted home in the USA. For the design Grossman took inspiration from European architecture and high modernism, but it wasn't until she arrived in California that her design practice actually incorporated these ideas. The Grasshopper Table Lamp was designed in 1947 as Grossman was establishing an American studio that also operated as a showroon to display and sell her work. This is a luxury table lamp that has stood the test of time.

  • Width: 15 cm
  • Height: 41 cm
  • Depth: 15 cm
  • Packaging: 51cm x 34cm x 22cm
  • Packaging weight: 2 kg
  • Boxes: 1
Greta Grossman

About The Designer:

Greta Grossman

Grasshopper Table Lamp
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1906 – 1999 (Sweden)

Greta Magnusson Grossman had an inspirational career that spanned 40 years and two continents, Europe and North America. She is famed for her work in furniture, textiles, lighting and ceramics, and her modernist designs attracted the attention of the 1940s Hollywood jet set.

Grossman’s career started in her home country of Sweden. After completing an apprenticeship in woodwork, Grossman trained at the renowned Stockholm arts institution, Konstfack (then known as Högre Konstindustriella Skolan). An excellent technical illustrator, Grossman focused her skills on furniture design. In 1933, she became the first women to receive an award for furniture design at the Stockholm Craft Association. During rest of the 1930s, Grossman established herself as a renowned Swedish designer.

In 1940, she brought her unique Swedish modernism to Los Angeles after moving to America with her husband, jazz musician Billy Grossman. Her shop in Beverley Hills sold her own designs, advertised on her business card as "Swedish modern furniture, rugs, lamps and other home furnishings." She became popular with many celebrity clients such as Greta Garbo, Joan Fontaine and Gracie Allen. These connections led to new and exciting projects including a groundbreaking line of lamps for the famous Barker Brothers furniture shop. This collection included the instantly recognizable Grasshopper Floor Lamp.

Grossman described her designs as bringing

"lightness, airiness and internal comfort."

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