Kaiser Idell Ceiling Lamp

Inspired by Christian Dell

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Kaiser Idell Ceiling Lamp
The Product The Specs
  • Range of table, ceiling and floor versions.
  • Bold and traditional colours available.
  • First produced in 1931.

About the Christian Dell Kaiser Idell 6631-P Pendant Lamp

Since its very first production, Christian Dell's designs for the Kaiser Idell lamps have been phenomenally popular. Simple and effective, the long hanging cord and short shade of this ceiling lamp would suit a functional kitchen in need of a powerful, yet subtle, light. What makes these pieces particularly famous is the distinctive dome and unique joint that allows maximum light coverage. At VOGA we have paid particular attention to reproducing this engineering insight. The hard-wearing iron construction and gloss finish make this lamp a gorgeous piece of design history and a product which continues to attract attention 80 years after it was first designed.

The story behind the Christian Dell Kaiser Idell 6631-P Pendant Lamp

The Kaiser Idell Pendant is pure Bauhaus. Its formal elegance is grounded by the functional innovations that Dell perfected whilst the Master Craftsman at the school between 1922-25. This period marks the beginning of a golden-age of design within the Weimar Republic and Dell taught this influential generation his expertise as a designer and silversmith. But the lamp series is not all functional seriousness. The name reveals a little of Dell's sly sense of humour; it combines his name and word for idea in Germany. It is quite literally, a bright idea.

  • Width: 29 cm
  • Height: 0 cm
  • Depth: 29 cm
  • Packaging: 34cm x 21cm x 34cm
  • Packaging weight: 2 kg
  • Boxes: 1
Christian Dell

About The Designer:

Christian Dell

Kaiser Idell Ceiling Lamp
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1893 - 1974 (Germany)

Christian Dell spent the majority of his life training as a silversmith in various institutions, before helping define the tough and effective aesthetic of the Bauhaus school. In that design school's formative years he acted as the foreman of the metal workshop and was responsible for teaching a new generation his functional and reductive approach. The Kaiser Idell range is Dell's most well-regarded contribution, but he worked tirelessly on lamps, jewellery and metal sculpture, combining his practical approach with artistic sensibilities. Later in his career Dell also did pioneering work with early plastic technology.

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