PK61 coffee table

Inspired by Poul Kjærholm

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PK61 coffee table
The Product The Specs
  • Replica of Poul Kjærholm’s PK61 coffee table
  • Chich glass top
  • Designed in 1955

About PK61 Coffee Table

Poul Kjærholm’s furniture pieces complement each other amazingly well. Not only are they mutually harmonious, they also go with a wide variety of other furniture designs. They are simply and functionally designed, and in the case of PK61, the interlocking frame is more than a visual stroke of genius, it is also exceptionally practical: the table legs are never in the way. Use it as a coffee table or occasional table in the living room where this timeless, elegant table will blend with the ambience of any setting in which it is placed. Rarely has furniture with such chameleon-like versatility depended on such simple materials and colours, but then you can always say there’s never any danger of your guests overlooking your PK61.

The story behind the PK61 Coffee Table

With its machine-screwed, flat steel frame, it would be easy to see Poul Kjærholm’s barely there PK61 table as a sober minimalist piece, industrial in its inspiration – and yet… The cleverly offset corners inject an almost frivolous note, adding visual interest, and best appreciated in this glass-topped version of the 1955 design. This is a hugely versatile coffee table – the perfect complement to Kjærholm own PK31 sofas and the missing jigsaw piece that completes Florence Knoll’s corner sofa.

  • Width: 80 cm
  • Height: 32 cm
  • Depth: 80 cm
  • Packaging: 91cm x 91cm x 8cm | 73cm x 73cm x 36cm
  • Packaging weight: 8 kg
  • Boxes: 2
Poul Kjærholm

About The Designer:

Poul Kjærholm

PK61 coffee table
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1929-1980 (Denmark)

Unlike his Scandinavian contemporaries who worked primarily with wood, Poul Kjærholm’s passion was steel. He liked to combine the cool beauty of the metal with other materials such as wood, leather, cane or marble. “Steel’s constructive potential is not the only thing that interests me; the refraction of light on its surface is an important part of my artistic work. I consider steel a material with the same artistic merit as wood and leather,” he commented.

"And we should try to keep our designs as simple as possible."

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